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 WildLife Feeding/Care requires more than $100/Day

1 a. Feed free range.    100 % of your pledge supports food wildlife care providing extra food to supplement the native food for patients being released for the first few days when returned to the wild, (as required by state licensed rehabilitation practioneers), or wildlife at North Cove, during the cold winter months when food is scarce or buried under snow and ice.
1 b. Feed Human.       100 % of your pledge supports events at North Cove for internships, fund raising events, and for cook outs for the homeless who live near North Cove.
1 c. Feed Rehabilitate.   100% of your pledge supports, wildlife patients in the licensed wildlife medical care facility.  This included special diets for neonatal or infant wildlife care, including birds, squirrels, turtles etc.  as well special medical diets, and general diets for patients being prepared for release back to the wild.    along with vitamins, grit to aid in digestion, and food treats.


WildLife Rehabilitation & Release Require Individual Feed/Care - Nurishment


Community 'Work' Event - Feeding



Free Range WildLife Feeding is required until Inwood's North Cove is Healthy Enough to Feed Wildlife Naturally


Inwood's North Cove - New Residents

Endangered for 'Profit' - June 2012



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