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North Cove, Sherman Creek, & "Three Sister Coves"
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International-Flyway Tidal-Estuary Restoration
Four-Cove Complex in Upper Manhattan, NYC, NY, USA
U.S. EPA Endorses Steward : James A. Cataldi "Birdman of Inwood"
Sustainability, Management, Education
Ecological Conservation Community Leadership
Protection, Preservation and Enhancement
of Public Health and the Environment.
(U.S.EPA Award).
  • Today (05/02/2012) we host a dozen Canada Goose residents; many winter, migrate through, increasingly Inwood's North Cove is a "Landing Pad", an International Fly-Way. This offers an easy method to test to know how wildlife uses this Sanctuary Complex.
  • Inwood's North Cove, Sherman Creek, and the Three Sister Coves require International Protection / Support.

  • [Goal : 'boot-strap' (rescue) a virtual, self-sustainable, 'perfectly contiguous' & diversified "NYC Sanctuary Complex" ]